Bionwater Machine Warranty

Our BioNwater Ionizers have been constructed from the finest materials with superior attention to details to ensure a quality, long lasting product. The BioNwater Ionizers are covered by a Limited Warranty (on original purchase) which consists of time and repair service warranty from the date of purchase. Our BioNwater Ionizers also come with one-time free installation.

BioNwater Machine Model  Limited Warranty

   BioNsupreme                       10 Years

   BioNprime                            7 Years

   BioNlite                                3 Years

Please be advised that the limited warranty does not cover damage resulting from normal wear & tear condition. The limited warranty also does not cover for accidental damage – meaning the device is physically damaged by accident.

Please order replacement of filter from BioNwater International to achieve maximum performance of the machine. The filter use amount is loaded in the memory chip of the machine and the voice notification function will be activated when filter replacement is due. The operation will be halted when a filter is overused. This may result to water overflow and leakage from the filter which will cause the machine to eventually malfunction and/or shut down.

For BioNsupreme machine models, please do not wet or pour water on the faucet spout. It has electrical connection that needs to be kept dry. Just clean the faucet spout with damp cloth or paper towel.

Should anything go wrong with the BioNwater machine during the limited warranty period, other than the one mentioned above, just contact BioNwater International by mail, phone, email or chat through our Face Book page to have the unit repaired. BioNwater will facilitate sending the unit for repair to the BioNwater Technical Department. The limited warranty will cover cost of mailing, parts and repair service.

Customer Service:

Address 25 Quinta Ct Suite C &D, Sacramento, CA 95823

Phone (916) 682-2466



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