Vivenso Smart Cleaner

Award Winning German Technology

Human health is precious and deserves a proper and sensible investment.

What distinguishes the modern and contemporary Vivenso smart cleaner room cleaning system from conventional vacuum cleaners is its filter system. Conventional vacuum cleaners try to collect the dust in filter bags or dry filters. Unfortunately, this success is short-lived, the original state is quickly restored again. This is because, after a short time, the dust and with it all the mites and spores, are blown back into the room. The Vivenso system, however, binds the dust in water. The Vivenso cleans the air and, within a short time, noticeably improves the indoor environment. The Vivenso room cleaning system improves the state of well-being and helps alleviate dust allergies.

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Unlike vacuums, dirt can't escape your Vivenso Smart Cleaner because it uses the STRENGTH OF WATER to trap dirt and airborne particles from your home with award winning German Technology!

The quality of the indoor air is extremely important, because humans spend most of their lives in closed rooms. The dust in the intake air is bound in the water tank, which optimises the indoor environment noticeably. The scented oils from our range of special accessories make it possible for you to add an individual accent to your indoor environment. Enjoy the freshness and purity which remains after using the Vivenso smart cleaner.

Technology whose use is intended to mitigate or reverse the effects of human activity on the environment. Make it a perfect world for us and our planet. The Future is in your hands. vivenso smart cleaner

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More and more people suffer from different types of allergies. Allergies are defensive reactions of the immune system to certain pathogens. They are triggered by allergens.In nature there are many pathogens that cause symptoms for an allergy sufferer. In order to prevent allergies, most people undergo numerous tests. But often there is not much they can do to fight the allergy.There are various factors which cause the sensitivity disturbance or make it worse, such as pollution or a change in lifestyle.