Bionwater International Operations

What we do..

The Bionwater is a direct selling company and markets its products and services through in home presentation. Through direct selling, Bionwater offers millions of people the opportunity to make money on their own time, and to save money by investing in Bionwater ionizers and cookware.

In Home Presentation – Free Water Testing

The Bionwater consultants schedule in home presentation with clients to conduct free water testing, and to share valuable information about the health benefits of drinking alkaline ionized water. During the presentation, the consultant conducts testing of various types of water such as tap water, bottled water, and hostess’ drinking water for acidity (pH testing) Other tests are done to illustrate how alkaline detoxifies impurities and toxins in our body, and how alkaline provides the needed electrolytes and energy.

Free Hostess Gifts

For every in home presentation, consultants are paid with allowance, and gifts are provided to the hosts depending on the number of guests invited – no charge and free shipping.


Surgical Stainless Rice Cooker


Whistling Kettle


Steak Knife

Knife Set


Kitchen Shears

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