What is Water Ionizer?

A water ionizer is a machine that converts water electrically to become a powerful anti-oxidant After being ionized, the water is referred to as Electrically Reduced Water (ERW). During ionization, the number of molecules in a water cluster are reduced (Micro-Clustered) making it more hydrating.

The machine splits the water into 2 useful streams of water

1. The first stream is referred to as “Health Water” or “Alkaline Ionized Water.” It has a powerful negative electrical charge making it very anti-oxidant. It is beneficial for drinking, cooking and as medicinal purposes. It is referred to as alkaline ionized water because the pH is higher than seven.

2. The second stream is called “Beauty Water” or “Acidic Water.” It is used to clean the face and is a natural astringent. It has a powerful positive electrical charge, low pH and hypochlorous acid and will kill bacteria. It will help cuts, scrapes, burns and is powerful against gingivitis. It is good for sterilizing and disinfectant. It is called Acidic water with the pH lower than seven.

Installation Diagram

The ionizer is connected to the drinking water source which is typically the kitchen sink faucet. Once installed, the Bionwater installer will test the pH level of the water coming out of the ionizer to ensure alkaline water is produced.

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