"Finding a cure or relief for my chronic migraine (with 15 attacks each month), was quite challenging for my neurologists at UCDavis. Medication pills don't work on me and I absolutely declined the idea of botox injection as my last treatment option. A couple introduced me to alkaline ionized water. After drinking it for two weeks, there was a gradual decrease in migraine attacks. Today, I am living a happy, healthy life... migraine-free.

Dr. Florinda Arambulo, Elk Grove, CA

"I am diabetic for more than 30 years and one of the complications is chronic kidney disease. My doctor told me that soon I would undergo dialysis if my kidney starts to fail. I was introduced to alkaline ionized water and after drinking it for 8 weeks, I had my lab done and my doctor was surprised because there was a remarkable result. My kidney function increased by 10%. The percentage increase kept me optimistic about my medical condition as well as my overall health. Alkaline ionized water played a major role."

Andy Torres, Elk Grove, CA

"I suffered from gout pain for a years. But after 6 months of drinking alkaline ionized water, it helped me tremendously. I don't experience gout attack anymore."

Peter Rubio ,Benicia ,CA

"I had been suffering from constipation for 32 years until alkaline ionized water helped me improve my bowel movement."

Carle Arguelles ,Vallejo ,CA

"I have had a lifetime prescription of Prevacid for my acid reflux, but after 2 weeks of drinking alkaline ionized water, I did'nt experience stomach pain anymore nor drink my Prevacid again."

Gilbert Pallado,Los Angeles, CA

"I had been experiencing back pain and blood in my urine for a couple of years because of kidney stones. When I started drinking alakaline ionized water, I noticed positive changes in my body. On the 4th month of drinking alkaline ionizes water, the test results showed that the stones finally left my kidney."

Susan Matela,Sacramento , CA


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