Welcome to Bionwater International

Bionwater International is a family owned and direct selling company operating in USA and in the Philippines. They offers different models of Water Ionizer Machine that produces Alkaline Ionized Water, that is US FDA Registered and 316 TI - Titanium Surgical Steel Cookware that cooks without grease and water, a cookware technology that is crafted in USA.


To be able to provide every household not just pure and clean drinking water but most importantly the benefits of HEALTHY ALKALINE IONIZED water and the principle of Healthy Cooking that is beneficial and will provide great savings.


To capture at least 1% of our population and at least 25% of Filipino population, and be able to provide them a unit of Water Ionizer machine in every household and eventually become part of every house as an appliance like a refrigerator.

Company Core Values


The Bionwater strives to serve and deliver services to consumers with honesty.


The Bionwater stands behind the integrity of its products and services by honoring the manufacturer and service warranty for each product. The company aims to provide excellent customer service by maintaining its promise of timely delivery and installation of products, and to ensure continuous client satisfaction.


The Bionwater company operates in an environment based on trust between its staff and the consumers in dealing with sensitive and confidential information.


The Bionwater company’s success is a culmination of hard work and many years of experience in the field of retail and customer service. It is the company’s guiding principle to value its humble beginnings and to treasure the value of its staff and clients.

Fear of God

The Bionwater instills in its staff the God fearing attitudes and principles to deal with our clients with honesty and respect.

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